What type of bra is best for you?

Find the perfect bra for your breast shape and size can be a difficult job. All boobs are different and no two people will have the same shape and size so not all bras can be the same. Looking for a bra you need to find one that gives you the support your boobs need but is also comfortable as it is something you will be wearing for hours on end and being uncomfortable will be the last thing you want day to day. Here we look at some of the best types of bra for different boob shapes, we hope that this will help you to find one that will suit your body:


Push up bra: If you are in the category of having smaller breasts then a push up bra is best for you. It will give your boobs a more full look. Wear this under T-shirts or low cut dresses and it will optimize your cleavage.

Wireless bra: If comfort is most important to you then a wireless bra could be just what you are looking for. This type of bra offers full coverage and works great for larger boobs.

Strapless bra: To ensure the best comfort out of your strapless bra make sure that you pick one with a wide band that has bones under the arms and at the front. Ensure that it has deep underwire and silicone grips inside. Strapless bras are great when you are wearing strapless dresses or tops and you do not want bra straps showing.

Plunge bra: If you have full boobs which touch in the middle then a plunge bra is the perfect one for you. It will offer full support and look great. Also this style of bra is perfect for wearing with a plunging neckline dress as it will be well hidden.



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